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Raise Your Threshold  Program


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Next group begins September 12th, 2021!

Completely updated and revised

Raise Your Threshold Group Program


For people who are:

🧠Feeling lost and overwhelmed with all the advice out there for migraine

🧠Wanting a holistic, root cause approach

🧠Needing guidance with supplements, diet, and nutrition

🧠Looking for accountability and support

🧠Wanting to work with me at a lower financial investment

🧠Are interested in the role of gut health and hormones in migraine management

🧠Wanting a flexible program that can work around high-pain days

🧠Wanting a roadmap of how to improve migraine long term


This is not a passive course and is only for you is you're ready to show up for yourself and make lasting changes!

Is it time?

"Hi Kelli, just wanted to drop a message - thank you so much for running this course and all your help! This course has honestly changed my life and just cannot express how grateful I am, how without this course my migraine and I would be in a very different place! So thank you! :-)"

-M.C., Blueberry Group

After this 12 week group program, you'll be able to:


  • Use the concept of Threshold Theory to manage your migraine more efficiently
  • Tune in to your body's natural signals to catch more episodes early
  • Feel confident in best way to eat to support YOUR migraine
  • Use natural preventatives and abortives like a pro
  • Maintain lifelong habits that support healthy stress levels, get good sleep, and lower inflammation for good
  • Know which supplements make sense for YOU
  • Utilize advanced techniques for balancing gut health and hormones


You'll go beyond just learning and actually implement what you learn to create new, lifelong habits that support migraine!


Ready to join us in the next round?

1 Installment


Enrollment opens to the public 9/1/21

Enrollment CLOSED

3 Installments


Enrollment opens to the public 9/1/21

Enrollment CLOSED

No More Struggling In Silence

The Raise Your Threshold Group Program allows you to work with me inside a small, supportive community of fellow migraineurs. No more feeling like you’re struggling silently to manage your health - we’ve got your back 💛

Love the support and want to stick around? The TMD Alumni Circle is open to all group members so we can stay connected and keep learning after the group ends.

Raise Your Threshold Group Program Includes:


  • 3 months of weekly video modules
  • Weekly, actionable workbook pages
  • Weekly group calls with me and your fellow group members
  • Recordings of all group calls
  • Supplement guidance and 20% off supplements
  • Access to a private community for added support - no Facebook required!
  • Option to add on one lab test w/ one private follow-up appointment (where available - see FAQ's below)


PLUS a brand new points system to keep you motivated!

Show up to group calls and interact throughout the week to earn points.

Points let you choose from fun stuff like gift cards, migraine kits, and more!



1 Installment


Begins JULY 11th

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3 Installments


Begins July 11th

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